Benefits for the exhibitor

4 reasons to be a part of SAIE BARI 2021

1. To involve, inform and network with operators who are actively seeking innovative technologies and solutions to secure the territory, to redevelop energy, to design, build, manage and maintain their built heritage according to excellent standards.

2. Opportunity to present case studies and best practices in the Excellence Areas, in the Arenas.

3. To help visitors at SAIE BARI 2019 understand and implement the new legislative provisions of the Procurement Code and the decree on the safety of buildings with seismic risk, to make the financial incentives of the Eco and Sisma (Earthquake) Bonus operational.

4. To enjoy the chance of presenting new developments, emerging systems and technologies that are showcased in SAIE ECCELLENZE, the area dedicated to Innovation for the built environment.


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SAIE BARI 2021 gives a voice to:

  • The top businesses in the sector, to illustrate the entire supply chain, from design to construction, that produced this “excellent product” and propose it to the operators – national and international – especially on the key issues of seismic recovery and safety, sustainability and digital, infrastructure and land protection
  • Companies that combine tradition and quality and are adjusting their products to an evolving market
  • Companies that are testing and working on new systems, technologies, services and distribution networks that pave the way towards a new industrialisation of construction 4.0
  • Companies dedicated to digital: from BIM to Digital Manufacturing, to augmented reality to robots and 3D printing for the industrialisation of processes, from geo-space sciences to drones and 3D surveying, from IOT to smart buildings
  • Manufactures of construction site machinery and technologies, which are transforming work places also into connected and digital areas, as well as safe
  • Service companies that offer consulting to make processes in the supply chain more efficient and rational, working towards construction industry 4.0
  • Engineers, Research Centres, Universities and start-ups dedicated to building excellent products, innovating and upgrading the built environment

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