Digitalization and BIM

Software, technologies and digital solutions transforming construction sector.

SAIE BARI is the first exhibition dedicated to Southern Italy, focusing on construction world evolution through digitalization, technologies and innovations.

Presenting all products and practical advantages through the report of real projects, with the cooperation of suppliers.

This path is dedicated to technologies and digital solutions which are transforming construction sector

SAIE BARI 2019 will be characterized by a new exhibiting path dedicated to digitalization and BIM. The goal of this sector is to involve, inform and build networks among companies and professional visitors looking for new technologies and digital solutions to project, manage and maintain existing buildings.

In SAIE BARI Digitalization and BIM will help visitors to understand and increase their usable knowledge about the Public Procurement Code and the obligation of BIM use in case of public tender.

In SAIE BARI the industry will be represented by a dedicated exhibition area, by demo thematic squares and by specific special events aimed to interaction between construction and digital experts in order to show how to manage in the best way public and private projects in all their phases.