Paths and focus areas

The construction market in 4 paths

The synergy between the innovative exhibition formulas and the special initiatives of the event provides a complete overview of innovation and trasformation of the construction market.

SAIE BARI 2019 selects and recounts the innovative tools of the construction market; presents national and international excellence; hosts conferences and advanced training meetings with the top experts in the sector.

Building management and building renovation

  • Finishes and interior partitions
  • Waterproofing, chemicals for construction
  • Exterior insulation and finishing systems
  • Exterior envelope
  • Building maintenance and management
  • Digital Building & Smart Home
  • Flooring, cladding and bathroom fixtures
Sustainability and Green Building

Ecological and natural systems | Low-impact buildings | NZEB | Positive energy buildings

Technical systems in construction

  • Plant engineering for buildings
  • Building remote control systems
  • Ventilation, conditioning and heating systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Solar and photovoltaic and energy production systems
  • Automations, access control systems, anti-intrusion systems

Digitalization and BIM

  • BIM, Building Information Modelling, software for design, control and management
  • Survey and measurement tools, drones, geo-space technologies
  • Augmented Reality, tools systems and applications
  • 3D printers, Digital manufacturing, digital platforms


Workshops | International conference | Networking spaces on digitalisation in the built environment

Urban transformation, Infrastructure and territory

  • Construction materials and technologies
  • Industrialised structures and systems
  • Sports and outdoor plant engineering
  • Digital Cities
  • Concrete
  • Territory-related consolidation
  • Lifting
  • Vehicles and earth moving
  • Boring and tunnelling
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Construction sites
Earthquake recovery and protection

Technologies for earthquake protection and recovery | Special jobs | Monitoring systems