Special Event

Places of excellence

Special initiatives of the last edition of SAIE BARI ha the aim of enhancing products and application solutions through the narrative of real projects, with the participation of suppliers, designers, contractors and installers.

It’s like an iconographic story, with models, moke up, products becoming part of an overall architectural project together with a program of interventions explaining at best the project presented. The products’ display, together with their presentation within special initiatives, allows technicians to getting to know closer the application solutions.

Demonstration areas, courses and moments of technological deepening, allow visitors to live a unique experience.

Special initiatives of the last edition of SAIE BARI

Piazza Edilizia 4.0 e Materiali Costruttivi

Piazza diagnosi energetica e diagnosi strutturale

Piazza Serramento Innovativo

Area della Ceramica e del Laterizio

Healthy Building

Arena AIST

FEL Festival dell’Edilizia Leggera

Festival Edilizia Leggera (FEL) is an itinerary event dedicated to the professional colouring and building sectors, that will take place, in conjunction with SAIE Bari Exhibition (Fiera del Levante 24th – 26th October 2019).

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CondominioItalia Expo

A special area dedicated to meetings and seminars on real estate management, where to meet market operators differently involved in the apartment building world: real estate, real estate managing, technical profiles – engineers, architects, surveyors, installers, manufacturers – political institutions and companies providing building materials and services.

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Area esterna macchine da cantiere

Area dimostrativa AIMI (Associazione Italiana Manutentori Installatori)

Cassa Edile Awards

Forum Agenti

Collaborazioni con Associazioni e Ordini professionali

International Activities

With the aim of creating a meeting point between supply and demand, SAIE BARI organizes an incoming of selected foreign buyers.

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SAIE Eccellenze

Un luogo in cui scoprire strumenti, metodi e competenze che hanno la forza di trasformare l’ambiente costruito in un mondo più sicuro, sostenibile e connesso.

Convegni e workshop

SAIE Bari prevede un ricco calendario di incontri e momenti formativi sviluppati sulle tematiche più strategiche dell’edilizia e dell’ambiente costruito 4.0 .

Il Nuovo Centro Congressi della Fiera del Levante, il più grande centro congressi del Mediterraneo.